Saint Augustine’s University (SAU) Policies and Procedures are officially sanctioned rules and processes for the Institution. Policies and procedures are used to empower employees with the direction and consistency they need for successful process improvement. A policy must be reviewed and discussed through the appropriate development or review processes before adoption by the Board of Trustees. The following documents explain the development and key points for policies and procedures and provides a template for policy creation and review. Please utilize the template to draft and submit policies.

Policy and Procedure Development and Review

Policy Flow Chart

Please submit completed templates and/or questions to 

Policy List

Academic Affairs (1-000)

Enrollment Management (2-000)

External Affairs and Public Relations (3-000)

Facilities (4-000)

Finance, Audit, & Budget (5-000)

Governance (6-000)

Human Resources (7-000)

Information Technology (8-000)

Institutional Advancement (9-000)

Legal Affairs & Legal (10-000)

Research and Extension (11-000)

Safety & Security (12-000)

Student Affairs (13-000)

Workforce & Economic Development (14-000)

Chaplain (15-000)